4 Dwellings on Orchard Land, Swinford Road



Peak Power Generation Plant East of M1


Via Ray Fisher


Afternoon all, please see the large generating plant that is to be sited just over the motorway from Catthorpe Manor, as you can see the information provided is of a far to technical nature for us to take a considered view. Certainly comments like 5.1.4 suggesting that there is “no likelihood” of emissions exceeding their limits and the Hayes McKenzie report is also inconclusive concerning noise levels which, by the way, were taken during the works to one of the largest motorway projects in the UK being carried out.


All of this is also based on the plant only “anticipated” to be running for 200 hours a year which in itself need over 1,000,000 litres of fuel being delivered to the site through Catthorpe. Is the site going to be restricted to this and how we will stop it being increased, if it was for instance 200 hours in a month 12,000,000 litres would be required each year on lorries going through the streets of Catthorpe.


Until we have a full village presentation of the works and ongoing operation I am sure the village will want to oppose the development.




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