Catthorpe Parish Council Meeting 24th April 2017

Catthorpe Parish Council Minutes 24th April 2017

Minutes of Catthorpe Parish Meeting

Monday 24th April 2017

The Cherry Tree


                                                                  Minutes of Catthorpe Parish Meeting 

                                                                               Monday 24th April

                                                                                  The Cherry Tree

The AGM was held in the Cherry Tree public house

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as a true record

Ray Fisher was elected Chairman and Brenden Ward was Elected Secretary

The Year End Accounts for 2015/16 were approved with Balance at year end of £1,285.32

The Catthorpe monies available from the SWF stands at £6,085.20

Several ideas were suggested as to how Catthorpe should spend the Swinford Windfarm money in the best interest of the village, the following ideas were agreed in principle

LED Vehicle Activated sign at the West side of the village, further investigation relating to sitting are to be agreed before proceeding, Ami is managing this project.

It was agreed that Catthorpe Church would receive a further £500 in 2017 and that 2 invoices in 2016 for £606 would also be paid, these cheques will be raised at the next SWF meeting

A new notice board was also approved RF to find out costs

A replacement bench for Bills old one will be arranged BW to look at costs

There is a possibility of obtaining further funds from the Lilbourne Wind Farm with CPM getting around £1000 per year, CPM should receive around £2000 in back payments shortly.

It was agreed that we will have a village event in the summer and Gillian kindly offered the use of their house and grounds again, a further Marquee and Signage may be required. Jules and Gillian to manage the event providing costings in due course. The CPM funds are getting a little low so perhaps we could arrange some fund raising ideas on the day.

A village Tidy up Day was suggested with the possibility of a skip being required for rubbish collected.

Andy Netherwood presented invoices amounting to £100.96 for the Website costs for 2016 and 2017 and plants for the planters at the entrances to the village

A request was made to rent the Marquee I need to confirm the date I think it is the 11th August

Mick asked if we can look at the idea of paying for a village policeman RF will look into this

Brendan confirmed that Fibre Broadband is now available for those who would like to apply.


Reminder. The code for the lock on the Defibrillator housing is C159X

The meeting closed at 7.50

20 Parishioners attended the meeting

Thanks to Phil and Sue for the use of their function room,

NEXT MEETING, we suggested a further meeting to review the SWF fund activities can I suggest the 19th June.

If anyone else would like to be involved I arranging events etc please let me know, its great to see that more people in the village  are wanting to create more of a community spirit with various activities.