Catthorpe Parish Council Meeting 21st March 2016

Catthorpe Parish Council Minutes 21st March 2016

Minutes of Catthorpe Parish Meeting

Monday 21st March 2016

The Cherry Tree


The AGM was held in the Cherry Tree public house


The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as a true record


Ray Fisher was elected Chairman and Brenden Ward was Elected Secretary


The Year End Accounts for 2015/16 were approved with Balance at year end of £1,459 the CPM received £1,245 and spent £1,148


Catthorpe Interchange Update. The Interchange in on schedule to be completed in 2016. The motorway network and the A14 is now completely cut off from the Catthorpe to Swinford, with the Catthorpe to Swinford road being reopened in the Autumn.


The Catthorpe monies available from the SWF stands at £2,978


Several ideas were suggested as to how Catthorpe should spend the Swinford Windfarm money in the best interest of the village and its residents, agreed projects for 2016 are The Queens Birthday party in Catthorpe at the Curleys house, a new Notice Board, more Bulbs for the verges, repair or replace “Bills” seat and possible Flower Tubs for outside the church. It was also agreed that £500 be given to Swinford School for a new leant to extension


There is a possibility of obtaining further funds from the Lilbourne Wind Farm with CPM getting around £1000 per annum, this has now been confirmed since the meeting.


It was decided that we would keep the grass cutting with MHDC who have increased the amount of cuts to seven per year.


A discussion took place regarding the Catthorpe Poor Plots, more details from Mick Grindell in the future.


Other matter discussed were Bin Stickers, Website and Footpath to Swinford.


Thanks were given to those who have been doing litter clearing in the village, and special thanks to Jules for the Newsletters


Reminder. The code for the lock on the Defibrillator housing is C159X


The meeting closed at 7.50


17 Parishioners attended the meeting


Thanks to Phil and Sue for the use of their function room,