A message from Ray Fisher - Chair of Parish Council

A Message from Ray Fisher

I was in the process of having our AGM on the 30th of March, however following the medical advice concerning the Coronavirus I think we should delay the meeting until the virus is over.


It would be very difficult to have a constructive meeting relating to what we should spend our wind farm proceeds on as how can we set dates for fetes and maybe the 75th VE day celebrations when we have no idea how the Coronavirus will affect our lives at these times.


We do have around £9200 available to Catthorpe Parish Meeting for projects in our community so if funds are required for any pressing issues please let me know. The subject of dog fouling is very much being discussed in Catthorpe so it is my intention to find out how much it will be to have a Poo Bin installed in the village probably located next to the entrance to the allotments.


I have now been Chair of CPM over two periods for some 15 years so I think it now is a good time for me to stand down and let others take over the Chair and also Secretary as Brendan would also like to stand down. In this way perhaps more will be done for the benefit of the village than recently something that I feel that some parishioners have been criticising me during my time as chair.


To move this process on if there are any parishioners who would like to take over the Chair and Secretary positions please let me know as this can probably be done without the need for a formal meeting.